I’ll just copy the “About” page here.

We are trying to blog.

We are two Twins fans and a Marlins fan.  This blog will tend to veer towards subjects related to baseball.  However, we aren’t going to intentionally limit ourselves.  All topics will be fair game.  Especially from November through March.

There are enough critical/analytical sources of information on the internet, most of which are more reliable than ourselves.  Therefor, we will try to not take ourselves too seriously, though we might fall prey to that trap from time to time (our teams’ trading away their best players will have that effect on fans).  We promise to try to drink enough to avoid those topics.

If you haven’t noticed, our patron saint is Boof Bonser.  What can one say about the mighty Boof?  For a start, check out beave’s explanation [coming soon!].  Otherwise, it is safe to say that we should all be lucky enough to get solicited for sex by Boof.  We should all get Boofed, if you will.

If we suck at writing, please let us know at a dot kloosterhof at gmail dot com.

Or in the comments.  I suppose that would work, too.


One response to “I’ll just copy the “About” page here.

  1. lol i love how DRUNK is in huge letters on your tag cloud

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