NBA Playoffs and, well, I want to have sex with Chris Paul

There. I said it. I love Chris Paul. Yeah, I know, it’s creepy.

I guess I should say that I love watching the basketball stylings of Chris Paul and his NOOCH companions (Sorry. I realize the moniker no longer applies, but NOOCH has such a great ring to it that I have trouble shaking it).

For whatever reason, I don’t have enough NBA related passion to follow one single team. I suppose you could say I fall into the FreeDarko mold of enjoying whichever team entertains me the most with their style of play. Growing up in Florida, I have labeled the Magic as a team I root for by default, but outside of the one man Tracy McGrady show and the Penny/Nick Anderson/Dennis Scott/Hoarace Grant/Shaq years, I have no attachment to the Magic.

(Seriously, though, that starting 5 was fucking sick.)

(Thanks to Drew for the video.)

My nine year old self will never forgive Houston. Just reminiscing with Drew has conjured up so many spectacular memories that coincide with the 1995 Orlando playoff run.  My nine year old self has also instilled in me an embarrassingly deep love for the “Get Ready For This” sports anthem that seemed so awesome in the mid 90’s.

Regardless, I’m getting sidetracked here. This is material for another post. What I’ve been meaning to say is that I managed to catch a good portion of the second half of this evening’s New Orleans/Dallas playoff game. I was captivated by the Hornets, most especially Chris Paul. Granted, I didn’t watch the first half of the game, in which NOOCH’s swag allegedly looked considerably different then than it did in the second. Also, I do not watch nearly enough basketball to be able to judge the game with any sort of expertise that anyone should pay attention to. Generally, I don’t know shit. However, I do happen to know what entertains/entrances me, and that was whatever Chris Paul and his teammates were doing tonight. While the entirety of this year’s NBA playoffs (at least the Western half) promises watchability all around, I am hedging my bets with NOOCH in hopes that they will provide me with a few more entertaining experiences.

And yeah, baseball posts will resume begin shortly. Sorry about that.


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