Sunday Afternoon Link Dump

I began the afternoon looking hoping to post some articles on Francisco Liriano and the general science of pitching mechanics. The consensus? Fucking everyone has something different to say; there doesn’t seem to be any complete agreement on the best method to repeatedly throw baseballs and avoid injuries.

That being said, here are some things I came across today. I should note that the first article doesn’t have anything to do with pitching mechanics, it’s a HBT study on the effectiveness of fastballs looking at various speeds and locations. Good folks, those Hardball Timesers are.

How fast should a fastball be?

This is an older post, from just after Liriano went down in ’06. Apparently some thought his mechanics were all right…

This one is from after his first start this year. He also seems to prefer Liriano’s prior mechanics.

One more, which piggy-backs the prior article.

EDIT: Also, this was the article that got me started on my “research”.

Oh, and a big, hearty ‘fuck you!’ to the American Journal of Sports Medicine for charging $25 for the ability to view one article for one day.


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