Korecky is the New Neshek


So this young man goes by the Christian name of Bobby Korecky. He was the closer for the AAA Rochester RedWings but got a big league spot when poor Pat Neshek’s elbow Francisco Liriano’s control went kablammy. Before this evening’s game Bobby had made four stress free appearances, and didn’t even get to throw in the Toronto series while his bullpen comrades combined for 11 1/3 innings of work. That changed this evening. In the 11th inning Juan Rincon took the hill and promptly shit all over. 1 out and loaded bases later Gardy decides that letting Korecky take a shot can’t possibly be worse than watching Rincon walk his squad to their 6th loss in 7 games. Korecky proceeds to get Kinsler to hit a soft pop to right, then strike out Michael Young, neutralizing the Ranger threat Jack Bauer style. Hit the showers, rook, you done good? No sir. Bobby wasn’t finished. Due to some lineup scheming and the natural disorientation that I am sure follows interleague play, the Twins noa longer were fielding a designated hitter. Bobby gets to grab a bat, and naturally he singles. Bobby K ends up stranded at third by Morneau then Cuddyer, but shook off the disappointment to put down the heart of the Rangers lineup in order. Howie Clark drove in Gomez in the 11th and thats game. Yeah, thats right. Howie Clark.

Tune in next time when I break down an article from Star Tribune “Twins Insider” LaVelle E. Neal III, offer some tips on grilling safety for the summer and share a few of my favorite lol cats.

**UPDATE** This truly was one of the most bizarre Twins games in a long time. Head on over to Aaron Gleeman’s site for a complete rundown of all the wacky kookiness that can be contained in one game. Per example, Bobby Korecky is now the only pitcher in Twins history to get a hit in an AL game during the DH era.


One response to “Korecky is the New Neshek

  1. That kid can play ball

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