The Day That Was

Well folks, it looks like David Archuleta is going to be your 2008 American Idol World Champion. Both contestants did a marvelous job this evening looking like they could burst into tears at the drop of a hat while they performed, but in the end the other David just seemed a bit overmatched on all of his numbers. Simon has already called it “a knockout” for Archuleta but i guess we will have to wait and see if the fans agree. This doesn’t feel right. Oops, wrong blog. Oh well.

In other news tonight the Twins ran the Rangers out of the Dome by the 4th inning. Perkins was solid, Gardy looks like he may be following up on his threat to put Harris’ ass on the pine for his shitty defense and the Twins showed they are the only team in the league that can have an 11 run offense-a-plosion without hitting a ball over the fence. This all sets the Twins up for one of my personally most anticipated games of the season, and that is THE RETURN OF SIR SIDNEY “I EAT WHAT I WANT” PONSON. Thats right boys and girls, Sid takes the hill in the dome tomorrow night for the Rangers, and he is actually rocking a 3.52 era and a 1.47 whip. I honestly thought we had seen the last of Sid last season, but the dude is resilient or something. Should be good TV.

Hmmm, what am I missing. Celts beat Pistons in Boston of course. Something else……

Oh Bease Nuts!

Chicago and their 1.7% chance of landing the #1 are going to be adding something sexy to their lineup. In retrospect Chicago makes a lot of sense with the 1 because you look at their roster and it is hard to fathom why they suck so hard. DRose at the helm should make them legit in the East next fall, though the early word is they like Beastley. TWolves of course land in the Brook Lopez zone.

Interesting side not on the draft, Chad Ford of commented in his post-draft lottery piece that the NBAers in attendance tonight (DWade, Durant, Gayster) were “absolutely mesmerized” by the presence of Shawn “Jay to the Z” Carter. He believes that Jigger’s involvement with the Nets may seduce Lebron into moving to Jersey when his contract comes up in 2 years. If I’m Cavs owner Dan Gilbert I’m introducing James to Drew Carey tomorrow.

(Ed. So I watched American Idol tonight to get over the heartbreak that was pick #3, big deal. Hearing later tonight that Beasley is drawing Derrick Coleman comparisons has me feeling much better about the whole situation. But seriously you guys, Archuleta has got this thing wrapped up.)


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