Rock The Vote

Sorry Royals, I shouldn’t kick you while you’re down. Imagine Bud Selig if that was the AL All-Star squad this year though. He most certainly would shit.

Let it be known that I am a sucker for voting for the all-star game. Not so much a sucker for watching the game, but I tend to vote early and often for the all-stars. My passion is spawned by the fact that I tend to believe most of the people who vote for participants of these contests vote from either a) homerism b) nationalism (see Ming, Yao) or c) nostalgia. I believe the all-star game should be about honoring those who have shown the most dominance thus far during the season, and thus I proudly present to you the first installment of BV’s 2008 All-Star Ballot


1B J. Morneau MIN/ L. Berkman HOU

2B I. Kinsler TEX/ C. Utley PHI

SS M. Young TEX/ H. Ramirez FLA

3B M. Cabrera DET/ C. Jones ATL

C J. Mauer MIN/ B. McCann ATL

OF J. Hamilton TEX/ N. McLouth PIT

OF BJ Upton TB/ M. Holliday COL

OF C. Quentin CWS*/ P. Burrell PHI

DH D. Ortiz BOS

*= write in

Most Screwed: D Uggla FLA 2b, K Youkilis BOS 1b, M Ordonez DET OF, J Bay PIT OF

I’m not really cool with having 3 Rangers on my ballot right now but no other AL SS is close to Young except maybe Jeter. Too bad Tejada isn’t still in the AL. Before you call Morneau at 1b a homer pick, just know he is leading AL first basemen in RBIs and is right on Lyle Overbay’s ass for OBP. Miggy at 3rd feels dirty, but with ARod dinged up and off to a slow start, it was him or Adrian Beltre thus far.


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