The Curse Is Broken!

There is a legend around these parts that when Torii Hunter was told the Twins had no interest in paying him $18 million per until he was 37, he put a hex on them. Said Torii, as the tale goes, “Ye shall be completely inept on Thursdays, until such a time when thou encounters those who possess divine prowess to suck.” Well folks, we found that divine suckiness. The Twins are no longer 0 for Thursday following Kev Slowey’s domination of the shit vortex that is the Kansas City “These go to 11” Royals. Twins look to keep it rolling with a 4 game Dome series against the Yanks. The word on the street is that Joba the Fuck Lion himself may finally be getting his first shot at beginning a game, so stay tuned.


2 responses to “The Curse Is Broken!

  1. Shit vortex? Nothing funny about tornado alley pal. Them old boys is trying their darnedest out thar playing that baseball.

  2. A Raging Pooner

    what is a fuck lion? I guess I will never know I am just a n()()b!

    Do fuck lionz pwn themselves too!?

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