Better Late Than Never NBA Finals Preview

Fucking tornadoes. I finally get pumped for a NBA Finals in the post-Jordan era and instead I got douchebags and radar. Thats life I guess, at least its better than watching the Spurs.

There was a time when the NBA was my league of choice. The Wolves were rocking a young sexy lineup starring Garnett, Stephon Marbury and everyone’s mom’s favorite player Tom Gugliotta. These guys could not close out a playoff series but that didn’t keep everyone from loving the Wolves and thinking about someday. Someday never came. Starbury got cold, Googs walked to make way for KG to take over the squad, Kevin McHale got busted making an illegal pact with Joe Smith(!!! Even writing this now I can’t believe McHale still has a job. Joe Smith? Illegal Contract? Really? What a blumpkin) and the Spree/Cassell experiment came up short then turned putrid. By that time I had long found a more compassionate and supportive lover in the Twins.

Which brings me to tonight. This really is an epic match-up, the historical Boston/LA rivalry is pretty cool I suppose, but these finals are going to rock butt for the squads and ballers that will be taking the floor. You have your Kobe, probably the best player the league has seen since MJ hung up the 45, showing he can be the man. You have Gasol, free from Memphis, teaming up with Odom to create one of the best passing frontcourts in recent memory. You have Sasha Vujacic on the verge on being able to pull some of the most epic tail in the land.

Its hard not to know the stories on the other side. Pierce, Jesus Shuttleworth, KG. I think everyone in the nation can agree that the scene that would play out if KG gets to hoist that trophy is going to be one of the most memorable, maybe even touching moments in this decade of sport. Paul Pierce is also going to have a shot at establishing himself as one of the best of his time. He is certainly on his way to getting that done following his Willis Reed Jr. act in the 3rd quarter. Lets not forget, 7 years ago this guy got stabbed 11 times in the face and chest regions, so Pierce = One Tough Son of B. The C’s also play some world class team D, if you’re into that.

So yeah, I am down. Lets do this. I’ll watch it. It should be well played, intense, and I hope I get to cry a bit with KG at the end of this.


One response to “Better Late Than Never NBA Finals Preview

  1. I hope you cry with KG because of the loss the Celts will suffer. I am pulling for the Lakers because I love that Bryant guy even with all the rapes and shenanigans he has pulled. And amen to not having to watch those damn Spurs again, Ray tap-dancing Allen*!

    *Yea I say “He Got Game” too, BV

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