Carlo Rossi Rocks the Vote

I’m going to be unoriginal and do my own all star ballot here.  I’m not going to look at bv’s while I do this, we’ll see how similar they are.


1B: Jason Giambi NYY / Lance Berkman HOU – This position is absolutely loaded in the NL; Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez, Connor Jackson, hell, even Joey Votto all deserve consideration.  Berkman is just having an unbelievable year.  Giambi narrowly receives my vote in the AL over Youkilis.  Giambi is quietly having a solid year, putting up the best rate numbers of AL first basemen.  However, he’s been missing a lot of playing time, already having 64 fewer at bats than Youkilis and 74 less than Morneau.  If he can stay on the field, he and his .940 OPS will remain on my ballot.

2B: Ian Kinsler TEX / Chase Utley PHI – God damn that Chase Utley.  It pains me so much to put a Phillie on this list, especially when Dan Uggla is having the season he is.  It can’t be denied though, he’s been having one of those years when everything falls into place.  It’s also been rumored that his tears cure cancer and that he’s singlehandedly solving Philly’s homeless problem.  This is kind’ve a meh position in the AL, so I won’t spend any time writing about it.

3B: Adrian Beltre SEA / Chipper Jones ATL – Ok, can we stop talking about how bad the NL is?  Check the OPS leaders for each of these three positions so far…they’re all dominated by NL players.  Chipper Jones is having, like, his 6th “career season.”  Adrian Beltre is having a deceptively solid year, hopefully his .239 BABIP will be a bit better (he’s sporting a line drive rate just over 20%) by the time the game actually arrives.  Also, I will admit that I am not ready to live in a world in which Joe Crede garners all star votes.

SS: Michael Young TEX / Hanley Ramirez FLA – Another NL heavy position.  Also, we are a Slutley injury away from having the starting middle infields at the all star game being comprised entirely of Rangers and Marlins.  Does this trouble Selig?  Aww, hell, who am I kidding, he doesn’t notice these things.  Not when he’s busy suing fantasy baseball leagues.

C: Joe Mauer MIN / Brian McCann ATL – Maueris the only real AL option here, especially now that he has hit a home run.  What the hell is wrong with Victor Martinez, anyway?  McCannand Soto are both having awesome years, no reason they shouldn’t be on all star rosters for the next ten years.

LF: Carlos Quentin CWS / Pat Burrel PHI – I know the ballots don’t separate outfielders by position, but I’m going to do it.  Both of these guys stand to lose out on the fan voting due to their relative obscurity at the beginning of the season (especially Quentin, who isn’t actually on the ballot); however, they are both having monster years.  Fantasy owners everywhere have had to change underwear all season after looking at the lines of these guys who began the season as free agents in many leagues.

CF: Josh Hamilton TEX / Nate McLouth PIT – We’ve got our third Ranger in the starting lineup.  Two more guys having breakout years.  The game’s being in the middle of the season is nice for guys like McLouth who aren’t going to keep up their current pace (right?  I mean, he can’t, can he?)

RF: Magglio Ordonez DET / Ryan Ludwick STL – When I got to this the right fielders i kind’ve regretted splitting my outfield into positions.  Ludwick’s been solid though, even with fewer ABs.  Magglio is all of a sudden looking like he might be the only Tiger deserving to be at the game.

DH: With Ortiz out, I’m gonna go ahead and say “fuck it” and make Milton Bradley the 4th Texas Ranger on this list.  Hell, it’s probably his position even with Ortiz still playing.

Man, it was really easy to avoid being a Marlins homer at most positions this year.  You know Hendrickson is going to start for the NL squad, though.


One response to “Carlo Rossi Rocks the Vote

  1. how bad must texas’ pitching be? with papi out i got 4 rangers on my ballot too. i think you could field a better (statistically this year) infield with the nl east b team than the al. we are pretty close here guy. unfortunately it looks like the red sox are going to play the mets in the all star game.

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