Tofhers’ seven and sevens for the win

Until bv mentioned it a few posts ago, I had totally forgotten that at any point, Starbury was anything besides, well, Starbury.  It’s difficult to imagine such an era in this turbulent year of our Lord 2008, isn’t it?  I mean, just try to imagine an era involving Stephon Marbury making consecutive playoff appearances.  The existential questions faced on a daily basis must have been much easier to answer with the knowledge that Starbury would still be playing basketball in May instead of fucking Knickerbocker interns in backseats.  His departure from a relatively stable twin cities existence has caused a ripple in the space/time continuum that will perplex both physicists and philosophers for the next decade.  SI’s vault contributes to the enigma that doesn’t give a fuck about these white season ticket holders.


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