Good Grief

Over the course of a 162 game season you are naturally going to have some ups and downs, peaks and valley, strikes and gutters. While the blame for the performance of this past week is certainly not a Delmon problem, or even an offense probably, his minuscule contributions as a Twin thus far are a soft target. Reality is beginning to set in that this one time superfreak uberprospect has a shitty approach to hitting and fielding, which happen to make up a large portion of his vocation. I floated the idea to a guy at work that perhaps Delmon, less we forget only 22 years of age, could perhaps benefit from some seasoning in sunny Rochester. Upon arrival maybe Paul Molitor or some cagey vet can break this guy down and completely retool his offensive mentality, to robocop him if you will. Considering Bill Smith pulled the trigger on the Garza deal to build a Mauer-Morneau-Young heart of the lineup to impale opponents with fear for years to come, one would assume it would be better to get this kid’s flaws worked out as soon as possible, rather than watch him writhe in a pool of his own suck. If it did happen (which it won’t) you can be damn sure Delmon would be one very pissed off Rochester Red Wing.

Concerning the sweep at the hands of the now clear front-running Chicago White Sox, it is apparent that those boys can hit. Joe “Scrotty” Crede has been the best third basemen in the AL up to this point and, along with Carlos Quentin, has kept Ozzie’s lineup card from turning into this. If Konerko and Thome can pick it up and Floyd and Danks continue to provide quality starts we are all going to be looking up at these guys for the rest of the summer.

From the hometown point of view it appears to simply be a case of the numbers evening out and the most inopportune of times. The Twins have have hit only 40 home runs and own a team obp of .324, yet are 6th in the AL in runs scored thanks to a .303 avg and .373 obp when runners are in scoring position. The Twins have also been outscored 327-294 which is usually a clear sign you are not going to stay over .500. It is also a sign that the pitching needs to pick it up. Good news on that front, however, with Francisco Liriano looking better and stronger each start at AAA. We could be seeing good old #47 in Minneapolis within the month.

Something has to give during this Cleveland series. Will the Tribe’s anemic offense be the cure for presently shoddy Twins pitching, or vice versa? Did we destroy the feng shui of the staff when we boofed with Boof? Is there now a rift in the Boof-Time Continuum?


2 responses to “Good Grief

  1. Carlo Rossi

    Was this series bad enough to call the Twins a shit vortex?

  2. Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe
    Watch me Lean And Watch Me Rock
    Super Man Dat Hoe
    Then Watch me Crank Dat Robocop

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