Red Hips of Spain

I promised at least 1 hot girl this weekend and figured might as well throw something up for the ladies too. Not to put him on the spot here, but I imagine Carlo Rossi will have an informed Euro recap that will arrive shortly. From what I could tell, Fernando Torres was dominant and the Germans could have used Ballack at 100%. On the front, not as strong of showing from the Spanish women, although you certianly can’t argue with the above pictured mamacita, who is muy caliente fo sho. I am hoping we can get a getboofed roundtable discussion up sometime this week to debate and eventually crown a winner of the euro08girls title.

Stray observation from the match. If (when) they ever make a Jens Lehmann biopic, there is no way he isn’t played by John C. Reilly. “This fall, John C. Reilly is The Curly Haired Keep, rated PG-13.”


One response to “Red Hips of Spain

  1. I spent a long time on the euro girls website looking at all the women from different countries trying to determine which country had the best and it was difficult but in the end I went with the familiar flavor: Austria. Sweden and Italy were close though, and this was only going off the pics.

    Also, LOL at “Red Hips of Spain”

    goulet, peace niggers

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