The “I Just Couldn’t Help Myself” Will Leitch Goodbye

If there is anything this old internet is more chock full of than scandalous Miley Cyrus photos, it would currently be tributes and farewells to now former Deadspin editor William Leitch. If there is one thing you all should know about your pal BV, it is that I am never afraid to hitch a ride on the trend train, almost always at least 2 days too late.

Ultimately, I want to pay my respects to Mr. Leitch here because I don’t think there is a getboofed without him. My first experience with a sports blog, or any blog for that matter, was when Carlo had me check out Deadspin about 2 years ago. It has been my first stop on the web since. Deadspin than led me on over to FJM, and that alone makes me in debt to Will.

It was also borrowing Carlo’s copy of Life as a Loser that got me excited and motivated enough to actually want to get this site rolling. Reading young Leitch’s memoirs, his embarassments and failures were all too reminiscent of my own embarrassments and failures. It was only natural to try completely bite his style therefore, in hopes of someday possibly being able to at least marginally emulate his successes too.

What Will and crew have accomplished with Deadspin, putting the sports back in the hands of Joe A. Guy and making it the escape it was meant to be, I believe is the Magna Carta of sports journalism. And to that, I salute you good sir. You keep happy dancing, guy, happy dancing all the way to the top.

I would like to apologize for the literary fellating that just went down.


One response to “The “I Just Couldn’t Help Myself” Will Leitch Goodbye

  1. Carlo Rossi

    Leitch’s asshole has never been so clean.

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