2008 Euro Ladies Championship – Group A

Kicking things off is a pretty wide open group containing Portugal, the Czech Republic, Turkey, and co-hosts Switzerland. Most of these images should let you click on them for a bigger version. Let’s get right to it:


thank you to euro2008girls.com

Czech Republic:


Lot of entrants in this one, but I’m paying the most attention to the two wingers at right.

It appears as if Lindsay Bluth/Funke is a Turkey supporter…  For reference sake, here is Lindsay:


Well there ya go. A very strong first day showing. It’s quickly becoming clear to me that there are going to be no losers in this tournament. I’m going to have to give the Swiss hosts the nod for the group A win, which comes as a surprise to me, at least. A good initial showing, plus they have the depth to make some noise in this tournament. I think I’m going to have to go with the Turks for second, narrowly edging out the Portuguese. Despite their lush skin tones and chiseled physiques, the Portuguese ladies will end up leaving one a bit unsatisfied. They lack solid substance underneath all the glitz and glamor – amazingly similar to the football team they support. Anyway, lets get the official table:

Group A:

1. Switzerland
2. Turkey
3. Portugal
4. Czech Republic

Disagree with me? Let me have it in the comments.

Also, before anyone gives me flak for missing this photo, it came to my attention that it was taken at the Euro 2004 tournament (hence the presence of English fans in the background). Regardless, the photo still deserves to be on this blog, so here ya go, a little group A bonus.


7 responses to “2008 Euro Ladies Championship – Group A

  1. The Czechs in last? Really?

  2. at first i thought portugal got robbed, but upon further review i have swiss, czechs, portugese, then the turks

  3. Carlo Rossi

    Note the second Czech girl making the dude paint a flag on his face. That shit is lame. I’m not letting girls like that advance.

    I may have been blinded by the Bluth and made a mistake putting Turkey over Portugal, but fuck you if you have a problem with that.

  4. Note the second Czech girl making all the other girls look like dog-shit tacos.

  5. Carlo Rossi

    Except for the two Swiss girls…

  6. if that first portu-gal (clever!) is a shit taco, make mine supreme

  7. Very clever indeed BV, and, I must admit, that is one dog that I would gladly follow with a pooper-scooper. Hmm, I just now realized the connotations with that term. Hmm

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