Euro 2008 v 2.0 – The Ladies’ Championship

We here at Get Boofed are major advocates of taking a good thing and straight up overusing the shit out of it.  For that reason, we hereby present to you, our loyal reader(s), the GetBoofed Euro 2008 Ladies Championship.  The tournament will utilize the same formant and nations as the actual event, only the teams will be advancing based solely on the caliber of female fans they were able to get to Austria/Switzerland.

The group stages will last one day apiece, beginning with group A later today.  Winners will be chosen arbitrarily by us, with the possible exception of reader polling being done for the semis and the final.  Two pictures will be allowed per country during the groups, one a piece during the elimination rounds.  However, multiple girls in one picture is acceptable, and it will still only count as a single picture.  The same picture may not be used twice, and only genuine fangirl groupies and wannabe groupies will be allowed…none of this pompous WAG business.

One quick note.  Most of the material for this comes from the fine people at Euro2008girls.  They don’t know who we are, they don’t know that we’re doing this, and they surely don’t endorse this site.  That being said, they truly are doing the lord’s work over there, and we strongly recommend you check them out.

Anyway, let the games begin.  Check back later today for all the group A action.  And, to get the ball rolling, here are some ineligible famous fans.  Don’t let them cloud your judgment later in the tournament, I just had to somehow get them on this site.

Sylvie Van der Vaart – wife of Rafael

Sarah Brandner – girlfriend of German Bastian Schweinsteiger

Belen Rodriguez – Argentinian girlfriend of Italian Marco Borriello

Princess Maxima of the Dutch royal family


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