BV Works The Holidays, Euro Ladies Tournament ’08 Group C

USA! USA! USA! King George is a tyrant! Let’s blow some shit up! Let me hear a Marv Albert inflected “yes!”

Now to the business at hand, starting with yesterday’s business of Carlo’s Group B selections. We had getboof’s first moral dilemma concerning the whole business of Carlo and the Austrian youth. In my eyes the Austrians clearly outclassed the Croatians. Mr. Rossi admits so much. Even after stating that he was glad eurogirls do not post the age of the lovelies they photograph (I let my grandpa write the first half of this sentence) he disqualifies the Swiss Austrians based on the assumption that they are underage, citing his lack of desire to go on record with his support of ephebophilia. This in turn puts Mr. Rossi on the record fully implying that he does indeed love the youngsters. Therefore, in conclusion, “Shenanigans!”

It’s my turn to doink this up. Here is your group of death.


Yes, I am intentionally starting with the girl who is likely underage. And yes, the French are still very much in the running for the group. This girl on the right looks so much better with her mouth closed, but unfortunately no one has ever told her that.



And the ladies my forefathers didn’t mind sailing away from,

The Netherlands

And after much deliberation, here is your table:





I’m playing the Pocahontas role here, spurning my own kind for the exotic, mysterious strangers, with Romania as my sexy Capt. John Smith. A very tightly contested group and once again there are no losers when euro girls are up. Ace has Group D coming soon.


3 responses to “BV Works The Holidays, Euro Ladies Tournament ’08 Group C

  1. dave davidson

    Italy??? They had a guy with rolled up sweatpants blowing an f-ing whistle! The Dutch girls had wings and feathers…that was impressive. But I guess when it came down to the wire the Italians got the job done. I wish the best of luck to the Dutch in 2012, and I hope Italy gets their whistle blowing asses beat in the quarter-finals.

  2. Carlo Rossi

    Wait wait wait wait. Let me defend myself…the Austrian ladies being youngish just made my decision easier, I’ll stand by my Germany and Croatia selections.

  3. Carlo Rossi

    Also, it’s nice to see you found one of the Italy pictures from the ole or whatever it is. Her pants annoy my just as much as that dude, too. I don’t know what they are called but that shit pisses me off. Baggy capris? Comeon!

    And fail @ your table…my god that first French picture…that shit is amazing. Not really seeing anything in Italy in this one, not gonna lie.

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