Group D is coming…Settle the Fuck Down

Yes, I’m pretending that people are up in arms about the Group D results still not being published to make myself feel better.  But in the unlikely case people are sitting on the proverbial pins and needles, or proverbially sitting on pins and needles, I officially apologize to those people and to Wally Carlo and the Beave.  I assure you its only taking this long because I don’t want to fuck up my group as badly as Carlo fucked up his…just kidding guy; but seriously the Turks? Really?

So, with those formalities taken care of I will now tell you I’m working on Group D and plan to have some hot pics and picks for you soon.  Something else to look forward to in the near future; a look at America’s very best baseball player.  True story.  Here’s a sneak peak.   He OBP’ed .545 this past week and scored 6 runs.  “America’s very best baseball player” might be a title a bit too lofty, but please do take some guesses and we’ll see if any of you get it right.

Before I go I will throw one picture your direction, just to whet the appetite.

The Hot Chick

Rated PG-13


One response to “Group D is coming…Settle the Fuck Down

  1. Carlo Rossi

    A few things:

    Nice usage of “pics and picks.”

    Fuck you re: the Turks. I’ll stand by my table – I would hit that shit.

    Is anyone going to be pissed that I spoil your post and say that you’re about to jizz all over Denard Spahn? BV was mentioned him in a brief text conversation earlier in the evening. Why don’t you Twinkies ever latch on to a real baseball player? ie: all-star Hanley fucking Ramirez.

    No, I’m kidding. I love you all; and at least Spahn is black.

    Wally – you actually read this shit? I’m sorry.

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