Chuggo back for more

Because I know you guys are riveted, I’ll let you know that Chuggo is now posting on Hipinion, the forum I frequent. Problem is, it’s a fake Chuggolug (probably). Honestly, do you really think there’s any chance Chuggz would know what to do in front of a keyboard?

Anyway, this is noteworthy because of this:

EDIT: There’s been some nasty rumors on said forum that Chuggo is facing some legal problems for spiking a lady’s drink.  Chuggz has an answer to these vicious allegations.  If there is a god, he will prove these e-mails to be real.  More updates to follow.

subject: thx from chuggz‏
From: Chuggo (
Sent: June 18, 2008 10:04:17 PM
To: Mr. Conductor (

mr conduktr

thx 4 showin me dat wnt me in. it means a lot 2 da chuggz.

sum of wat dey r sayin is fny and tru. its totly a difrent thng 2 pop pilz wit a ho b4 fukin her thn 2 force the bitch 2 take da pill. i dnt get the law.

ill leev u wit a ryme cuz ur frends lyk dem:

my lawyer likes to tell me
be quiet as a cat
u should do the same
when ur mouths around my gat



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