C’mon, Guys, Slutley Just Wants To Entertain You With Dingers

About the actualy home run hitting, what Josh Hamilton did was most certainly awesome, but let us not forget that Justin Morneau is your raining (boner) reigning champ. If MLB wants to change the rules and make it total homers over 3 rounds, that’s cool, but your champion Morneau got heartily dissed last night. Rhymes with porno, fellas, not that hard. I can only imagine what would have happened on the mic if Doug Mientkiewicz would have ever won a home run derby over a feel good story of the year.


8 responses to “C’mon, Guys, Slutley Just Wants To Entertain You With Dingers

  1. I didn’t realize that Justin Morneau was the champion of rain. That is news to me and awesome news to me. I assume you meant reigning but the humor the spell check gave me was well worth the mistake.

  2. Dave Davidson

    I hate to point out more mispellings, but its Chase UTLEY, not Slutly as you accidentley mispelled it.

  3. 5 points to e dagger for spotting that careless literary boner. 3 pending points for davidson while i try to figure out if utley spells his name with all capital letters. If not, -1 point for Davidson for false accusations while your author is already down.

  4. I would like to remind good ol’ Dave up there, that (perhaps ironically?), he just MISSPELLED the word misspell, twice.

  5. Carlo Rossi

    Any moore boners in here and it will be a bukkake!

    Amirite, guys?

  6. maybe we should just completely eradicate sports from the conversation here and just focus on spelling and grammar boners. oh wait, jon is going to be drinking with delmon young tonight. does anyone else smell a getboofed exclusive?

  7. Carlo Rossi

    Oh man is this real? How is this happening?

  8. I’m back mother fuckers, time to tear this shit up

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