Tony Pena Jr Should Switch Positions

Seriously, the dude has a -1 OPS+ through 184 at bats this season.  As evidenced below, he has the ability to throw 90+ with some late break.  Couldn’t he find more employment opportunities as a reliever?

The sad thing is, this is probably the highlight of the season for the Royals.  Experience history, guys.


5 responses to “Tony Pena Jr Should Switch Positions

  1. Hey big guys. whas with all this damn baseball bullshit?? baseball is more boring than reading!! shit. Why ain’t y’all writin about Kyle Busch? hes leadin in the damn nascar points. damn.iv’e had the diarhea so damn bad this mornin. shit, i need me some pepto. P-E-P-T-O!

  2. Carlo Rossi

    +1 QSN. Well played, sir.

    Our boy Q was talking to me at work the other night about ebaying some antlers from Montana and putting them shits on his mailbox.

  3. Carlo Rossi

    …and I just noticed the redneck world link.


  4. Carlo Rossi

    Also, the suggested links box (for me, at least), has a link entitled “Best Penetrating Player Under 5mil?” Old timey scout Tobias Funke is stirring.

  5. POST!!!!

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