Kubel! Kubel! Kubel!


From Section 202 in the friendly confines that is the Hubert H. your pal Beave McQueen learned tonight to have faith again. The playoffs can happen to this team, fellas. I am pretty sure we are going to need a sweep of the bastardly ChiSox to make that happen, but that is definitely within the realm of possibilities.

The traffic/parking situation around the Dome was pretty horrendous tonight so new roomate and I didn’t arrive until the 2nd inning, just in time to watch Kube-dog blast one into the right field bleachers. Kubes would later nail a triple past the diving, aging Ken Griffey then another homer that was immediately followed by a Del-bomb. The HHH was going so batshit at this point one expected AJ Pierzynski was about to be flagged for false start.

Speaking of AJ, he is a very despised man in that dome. Now AJ is certainly a dick, but it doesn’t seem like his dickitude has ever been directed at the Twins. AJ was quite good when he did play for the Twins and was a major part of that 2002 contraction fighting team that got the Twins back to the playoffs. When Joe Mauer was ready for the bigs AJ beacme the major piece in that ridiculous Nathan/Liriano/Boof deal. These are the two reasons that I clap politley when AJ is announced at the plate, rather than join the chorus of boos. It is not like I am a big vagine who thinks all the players need encouragement, I just have no beef with AJ. There is a good possibility I am wrong on this so let me have it if I am, but I am not yet convinced being a general dick and playing for the White Sox makes Pierzynski qualified to be the Twins fan’s most hated player.

Back to the meat and taters, Scott Baker was great tonight. He got some help from his defense, particularly a lovely diving stop by Casilla, and made a fairly ridiculous catch himself. What was especially fun about Baker’s catch is that no one out in the 202 could really tell what the fletch had happened on that play until it got jumbotron’d. It was the classic bewilderment turned into quick enthusiasm.

This game was not won by small ball or piranhas or whatever the hell you want to call it. This game was won by getting on base and hitting the ball. Gomez sliding into first and beating out that bunt is great fun and all, but you have to be able to put it in the seats sometimes to sustain success.  How the Twins have scored as many runs as they have this year without hitting home runs, and just hitting for a ridiculously high average with runners in scoring position, is not going to work in the long run.

But frick the long run right now, we got 5 games left to make up that game and a half. A hopefully resuscitated Blackburn v. Buehrle tomorrow night, my main man Slowey v. Floyd on Thursday night. It feels like we are going to need a sweep. See you in general admission tomorrow night.


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