The dream is still alive my friends. No thanks, however, to the douche in the front row, 3rd base side who tried to snare a foul ball over Brendan Harris with 2 outs and runners on 2nd and 3rd. What an asshole. Now granted, there are some natural instincts involved here, but come on fans, be aware of the situation. If you are in the front row and your team is pitching you should never lean or reach forward to try grab a ball. I nearly had a pulmonary when this went down. This human paraquat almost ruined the season. That is why Twins fan with the hat who reached forward for the foul ball is your getboofed.com’s September Judas o’ the Month. If you are that motherflipper just email me at bveurink@gmail.com to claim your prize.

Carlos Gomez looked about as bad as he has looked all season at the plate last night, but lordy was that a nice grab in the 9th. He went a mile for that thing. He covers more ground out there than anyone else in the lead, and made me eat my words for suggesting to new roommate that he should have been lifted for Cuddyer in the bottom of the 8th.

Nick Blackburn makes me a Sweaty Chetty these days, but he held it down last night. He gave up that homer to Griffey, who still has the prettiest swing in the game, but otherwise kept runs from finding the plate. Gardy then turned it over to the pen in the in the 6th with Craig Breslow, Boof-o-rama, Jose Mijares and Joe Nathan each working an inning in that order. I don’t think anyone would have guessed that the biggest game of the season would be locked down by that trio rather than Guerrier, Reyes and Crain, but times have changed and these dudes were great. Mijares especially was fantastic getting some legends out. This kid has some filthy stuff and I hope Gardy keeps showing this level of confidence in him through the rest of the season.

Speaking of our patron saint, The Boofster, new roomie and I ran into a former lover of his. Former lover happens to have a few Twins connections, which seems to be the case with every attractive girl in this city. The funny thing is, and this is the tragedy of playing on a Joe Mauer team, these dudes hang out with pretty much every hot girl in this town, but after Puntober buys them a drink, they start thinking, “If Nick Punto thinks I’m cute, I bet his teammate Joe Mauer may feel the same way.” So anyhow, she is hanging out with Boof and she didn’t want to go into many details, but the basic gist of the story is our man Boof was looking to boof a blonde again, but couldn’t seal the deal. In conclusion, ladies of Minnesota, you killed Boof’s confidence. If we lose the division you are to blame.

New roommate and I didn’t make it downtown last night, so we hit up the local pub instead. After the 6th inning we were out for a cig break when we caught this awesome exchange

2 women in their 20s are out on the patio have a smoke. The early part of the conversation was not audible to anyone but the two of them.

Blonde Girl: All I am saying, Jennifer, is that there is a recession going on right now, so maybe you should watch your spending a little more.

Jennifer: (voice raised) I have a job! I worked my ass off and I got a promotion! I don’t give a shit about no recession, we don’t have no recession at my job! I’m making my money.

BG: (raises voice to match J) But I saw on the news and they said it was a recession. Don’t you watch the news? They said that we should…

J: (interrupting) I told you I am getting paid, I have money so there is no recession for me

It pretty much goes back and forth on those themes for a while, then

BG: (trying to sound intelligent) I don’t know, at this point I think we seriously need to consider voting.


I am hoping to eventually adapt that into a screenplay, with the working title Stupid Drunk Girls Want to Know: What is a Recession?


2 responses to “.5

  1. “Blonde Girl” looks more hot in a low-lit bar and less hot in broad daylight on a bicycle FYI

  2. Oh BTW those bitches had college degrees.

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